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Public Announcement 1-19-17
Water will be off Friday January 20 2017 from 9am to 4pm for Fire Hydrant replacement.
The following areas will be affected:

Webster Street
Mittendorf Street
Tripp Street
Ferguson Avenue

A boil order will be in effect when water pressure returns.
The Ohio EPA released the following statement regarding Chromium 6:

This report was issued by an alarmist advocacy group not affiliated with the federal or state EPA. There is no national standard or health advisory level for Chromium-6; there is a national standard for total chromium, which is 100 ppb. California established a state specific level of 10 ppb. All systems in Ohio tested below California’s standard of 10 ppb. Ohio EPA’s data shows that the highest level of chromium 6 in Ohio was a third of that number; most sample results are below 1 ppb, generally indicating that the source may be naturally occurring.

U.S. EPA is conducting a national scientific review of this chemical, which Ohio is participating in. If U.S. EPA sets a national health standard for drinking water, Ohio will move quickly to adopt this standard to protect Ohioians.
Payment Dropbox
For the convenience of our customers, we recently installed a drive-up drop box at our office at 326 Robert Lucas Road. The payments are collected daily and we hope you will find this new addition helpful.

2015 Data - Consumer Confidence Report
The Consumer Confidence Report for 2015 is available.

Boil Advisories

Webster St.
Mittendorf St
Tripp St
Ferguson Ave
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