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Is there a minimum bill?

Yes. As long as a water meter is installed the minimum monthly bill is $24.00.

Why is my bill so high?

There are many costs involved in treating water and maintaining a distribution system.  The water we supply is softened, disinfected, filtered and fluoride is added to protect customers’ teeth.  The water district installs and maintains hundreds of miles of water line.  Each of these processes cost money, however water still remains the cheapest utility.

How long do i have to boil water before it is safe to drink?

Water should be boiled for three minutes.

Why am I experiencing low pressure?

Low pressure could be a sign of a leak, or it could be the elevation of your house. Most customers are served from water tanks located on hills. The closer you are to the elevation of the water tank, the lower your water pressure.

Why is my water cloudy?

Cloudy water is usually the result of air in the water lines.  If you put cloudy water in a clear glass and watch it for a few minutes, you should see the bubbles rise to the top and disappear.

How soon can a meter be installed after a delinquent bill is paid?

Meters are usually installed the next business day.  If you would like a meter installed sooner an additional service fee will be charged to your account.

How long does it take to have a new tap installed?

New taps are usually installed within two weeks, providing that other utility companies perform the necessary lines spots.

Why can’t I connect more than one house to my tap?

EPA guidelines require that only one residence be connected to a tap.

How much does it cost to have a residential tap installed?

The residential tap fee is $1,500.

Why are property owners responsible for water bills on rental property?

The water tap is attached to the property that it serves. Therefore, the land owner is responsible for the bills incurred at that tap whether they are the residents or not.

Why does my water smell bad?

Your water should not smell bad. If it does, please contact our office.

Whey my water is turned off for repairs, will it affect my hot water tank?

If your plumbing is installed as recommended by the water district, then no.  However, if you do not have a check valve in your supply line, water could be siphoned from your hot water tank which could damage the heating element..