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Water1 & ServLine FAQ

What is changing?

Water1 is replacing their current Leak Adjustment Policy with the Leak Protection Program from ServLine.  The program is administered by ServLine and is optional for Water1 Customers.  There will be no other adjustment policy for lost water.

Why is Water 1 making this change?

We have had many disappointed customers who were put in a financial strain as a result of a leak.  The current adjustment policy offered some help, but we wanted to provide a better solution for our customers.

What is the difference between the Leak Protection Policy and the other Protection Programs on the brochure?

The Leak Protection Policy will be billed with your Water1 Statement.  Any other Protection Programs you may purchase will be billed through ServLine.

What is the cost for the Leak Protection Policy?

The cost for the Leak Protection Policy is $2.00 per month for residential and will appear on your Water1 Statement.  Multi-units will be $2.50/month and Commercial will be $4.00/month.

Is there a maximum amount the program will pay for lost water?

Yes, the Leak Protection Program covers up to $2500 per occurrence for water lost and billed through Water1.

Where do leaks need to occur in order to be covered under this program?

For the Leak Protection Program, coverage begins at the customer’s point of responsibility at the meter and remaining buried service line and plumbing throughout the inside of home.

How often can I request an adjustment for a leak on this program?

Under the ServLine Leak Protection Program and initial 30 day waiting period, you are allowed one adjustment every twelve months.  The maximum allowable amount is $2500 with no deductible.

What is not covered under the Leak Protection Program?

Leak adjustments will not be processed for pools, irrigation, or fraud

How do I submit a claim on this program?

Contact ServLine at 1-800-838-7643 to begin your claim.

If I choose to decline coverage, what do I need to do?

Just call Water1 ServLine at 1-800-838-7643 to decline coverage.  Understand that you will be accepting full responsibility for all water charges caused by a leak if coverage is declined.